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"Understanding the critical environment of a data center is what we do best."

Underfloor Cleaning


The biggest concern we hear from data center managers is the fear of an inexperienced cleaning company causing downtime.  Understanding the critical environment of a data center is what we do best.  All of our employees are trained to fully understand and respect the critical nature of the environment and to ensure proper care with removing and replacing panels, together with an inspection of the underfloor components.  Experienced supervisors are always onsite to maintain quality control.  The underfloor and understructure is cleaned using intense HEPA filter vacuums that filter to .3 microns.  Not only do we thoroughly clean the subfloor, but we identify any problem areas underneath the floor such as water leaks, air leaks, or missing floor components.  In most cases we fix the problem with parts from your supply.  If parts are not available we document our findings and notify a member of your staff immediately.

Why is data center underfloor cleaning important?
Debris that remains in the underfloor can be blown into equipment. Contaminates that conduct electricity can cause short circuits in electronics. Other contaminates can be blown into equipment cooling fans causing overheating. The result may be limited to brief downtime or as catastrophic as a fire.
Data Center Cleaning underfloor plenum
DataCenter underfloor plenum cleaning
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Data Center Cleaning underfloor plenum
DataCenter underfloor plenum cleaning
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Structural Maintenance​​​


Structural Maintenance includes inspecting accessible floor system components.  This often includes re-gluing any loose pedestals bases, replacing missing or damaged stringers, replacing missing or broken gaskets, adjusting panels that are not seated correctly, and ensuring the level of the floor system.​​​​

Missing Pedestal

Why is structural maintenance important?

Missing critical components, such as stringers and pedestal assemblies, compromise the structural integrity of the floor and could cause harm to personnel and data center equipment.

Pedestal Installed

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