Tacky Mats and Bases



Tacky Mats


Data Center Solutions' Low Profile, Contamination Control, Tacky Mats are Disposable, Dry & Require No Frames:​

  • ​Tacky Mats help prevent contamination and particulate matter from entering controlled working environments

  • Each Tacky Mat is composed of multiple layers of tough, polyethylene film, coated with adhesive, laminated together into a stack

  • Adhesive layers have numbered tabs for easy sheet separation

  • When Tacky Mat surface is contaminated, simply peel off the top layer and discard

  • No delaminating (detachment) of sheets

  • 100% Non-skid adhesive backing secures Tacky Mat placement and helps prevent under mat contamination

  • AVAILABLE IN A CHOICE OF FOUR COLORS: White, Blue, Gray, and Clear 

Data Center Tacky Mats
Data Center Tacky Mats

Mats (30sh/mat 4 mats/cs)  


Size               Price Per Case     

18x36              $54.00                   Contact Us!

18x45              $67.00                   Contact Us!

24x30              $65.00                   Contact Us!

24x36              $71.00                   Contact Us!

24x45              $89.00                   Contact Us!

26x45              $93.00                   Contact Us!

26x72              $180.00                 Contact Us!

36x36              $112.00                 Contact Us!

36x45              $129.00                 Contact Us!

36x60              $200.00                 Contact Us!

36x72              $217.00                 Contact Us!

Mats (60sh/mat 4 mats/cs)   


Size               Price Per Case

18x36             $96.00               Contact Us!

18x45             $116.00             Contact Us!

24x30             $109.00             Contact Us!

24x36             $127.00             Contact Us!

24x45             $157.00             Contact Us!

26x45             $166.00             Contact Us!

36x36             $195.00             Contact Us!

36x45             $233.00             Contact Us!

36x60             $334.00             Contact Us!


*Pricing does not include sales tax or shipping and handling


Mat Bases and Frames


​Mat Bases are designed to allow users of adhesive floor mats to mount their mats to a movable base instead of being limited to securing the mat directly onto the floor.  Mat Bases are composed of Polystyrene with a non-skid backing layer.

• Mat Bases and Frames are sized to accommodate a wide range of standard adhesive floor mats.
• Available in White and Black (* black only available in 25.50” x 31.50” and 37” x 46”)
• Mat Frames are composed of anodized aluminum, center of frame is polyethylene. Both materials are inert and non-contaminating. Non-skid backing layer.
• 3/16” profile.

Mat Base                       Size:        

Fits Tacky  Mat Size:

19” x 37”

18˝ x 36˝

19” x 46”

18˝ x 45˝

25.5” x 31.5”

24˝ x 30˝

25” x 37”

24˝ x 36˝

25” x 46”

24˝ x 45˝

27” x 46”

26˝ x 45˝

37” x 37”

36˝ x 36˝

37” x 46”

36˝ x 45˝

37” x 61”


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36˝ x 60˝



Tacky Mat Base

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