"Our products not only clean the soils associated with Data Centers, but also enhance the static dissipating properties of the floor"

Floor Surface Cleaning​


Data Center Solutions specializes in cleaning data center and computer room floor surfaces using products and equipment, specifically designed for raised floor systems.  Leading manufacturers and industry experts endorse weekly floor surface maintenance to remove soil and dust accumulations. We only use High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtered vacuums, and damp mops with lint-free mop heads.

Why is data center and computer room floor cleaning important?

The majority of dirt and dust in a data center or computer room is carried in via foot traffic.  Regularly scheduled surface cleanings reduce and control the amount of contaminants introduced into your sensitive IT environments.   

Additionally, the surface covering of your raised floor system is designed to dissipate static electricity. When the surface is not maintained properly, the residual buildup of dirt and other contaminants inhibits static dissipation.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is cleaned using equipment and products recommended by leading manufacturers.  Our products not only clean the soils associated with data centers but also enhance the static dissipating properties of the floor.  Click here to view how dirty the floor surface in your data center can be!


In addition to a scheduled weekly surface cleaning, floor systems covered with high-pressure laminate (HPL) should also be professionally cleaned on a monthly basis.  By utilizing chemicals and techniques specifically designed for raised flooring, data center facilities can eliminate mopping contaminated solutions back into the floor.  Foot traffic embeds soil, dirt, and dust into the HPL, and requires a more intensive, detailed cleaning.  The use of cleaners and equipment designed for HPL is necessary to remove the embedded contaminates.  Other blemishes such as scuffmarks and stains that are not removed with our damp mop are addressed with an intense monthly cleaning. 

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