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Subzero Engineering designs, manufactures and installs custom, intelligent containment systems and products for the world's leading data centers.  Their cutting edge manufacturing facility enables us to create containment systems and products that have a superior fit and finish as well as incredible durability. Combined, they design, manufacture and create intelligent containment environments.

SubZero Curtain Containment
SubZero SL Dual Sliding Doors

Subzero Engineering’s doors can effectively cap both hot and cold aisle ends. Subzero door systems are an integral part of their containment solution. As such, they are designed to easily attach to other containment products such as walls and roof systems.  Automatic door closers, digital locks, and the choice of black or clear (standard) anodized color are options you can choose from.

Airflow Management

Research continually shows that within a data center facility, the mixing of hot and cold air should be separated through hot or cold aisle containment to make the operation of the data center more energy efficient. Containment also allows equipment to operate at ASHRAE TC 9.9 guidelines which improves the critical equipment functionality, increases energy efficiency, and uptime.


SubZero Cubes
SubZero Curtain Containment

Subzero Engineering's airflow management solutions (AMS) help optimize the functionality of the implemented hot and cold aisle containment. Subzero provides customized solutions for data center facility airflow management needs. Their AMS accommodates hot aisle containment as well as cold aisle containment to create a total aisle containment solution.

Proudly serving data center facilities in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, West Virginia and Michigan

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