Asset Tracking 

Accurate asset management processes are critical to maintaining the overall operational efficiency of your data center. But asset management -- and asset management–aligned tasks like capacity planning and change management -- can only be successful when information about assets and their locations within the data center is accurate and easily verifiable. Manually driven data collection processes like scanning bar codes and passivetags are not just time consuming and error prone: they also fail to deliver the continuous flow of asset location data you need to make informed strategic planning decisions. Perhaps, one of the best solutions to this is real-time asset tracking. 


Real-time asset tracking and management solutions from RF Code provide a fully automated inventory data feed.  This continuous flow of accurate, rack-level asset location information ensures that the information you need to properly manage data center asset lifecycles and capacity management and planning tasks is available on demand, 24/7. RF Code solutions help you:


  • reduce operational costs

  • make better informed planning decisions

  • eliminate over-provisioning and redundancy

  • provide complete audit and traceability information about all assets

  • increase operational efficiency

  • ensure regulatory compliance 


Taking the Time -- and Cost -- Out of Managing Assets



RF Code’s asset management solutions reduce the time and cost of tracking and managing distributed assets. By fully automating the asset tracking process, we eliminate the high cost of manual tracking, while providing highly accurate, up-to-the-minute, on-demand information about:


  • What assets you have

  • Where they are located

  • When they move


You no longer take inventory: you have inventory


Having real-time information about what is in your inventory, where that inventory is at any point in time and how those assets are affects both your bottom line and your compliance efforts. Traditional asset tracking and management is time consuming and costly. It is also static—out of date the minute the information is captured.  Without accurate information, your company is exposed to security, liability and financial risks.



Real-Time Asset Tracking and Management


RF Code’s fully automated, real-time asset management solutions completely eliminate the manual process of tracking and managing physical assets—across the distributed enterprise and down to the rack or room level. 100% accurate asset inventory data, free of human error. Easy deployment for quick value and rapid ROI.


Our Asset Tracking/Management solutions consist of:


  • Easily deployed, wire-free active tags and readers

  • Software that manages the asset tracking information

  • Open APIs that make it easy to integrate into your existing technology platforms

  • Adherence to industry standards including BACnet, OPC, Modbus and more


How It Works


Active asset tags are affixed to assets. These tags transmit asset location information to active readers which determine the precise location of the tag and then send that data to software that manages the information. You pick the kind of asset coverage you need:


  • Rack- and room-level visibility for deployments where asset location and movement data is vital. Leveraging active RFID and infrared technology, delivers reliable and accurate -- yet affordable -- room- and rack-level location accuracy

  • Zonal for continuous asset and lifecycle management applications where room- or rack-level asset visibility is not necessary




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