"Dust... can cause overheating and unnecessary downtime."

IDF/Network Closet Cleaning

Exterior surfaces of all racks, switches, RPS’s, UPS’s, overhead cable management, wall mounted control panels and all other horizontal surfaces are thoroughly and safely decontaminated. Contaminated surfaces are vacuumed using HEPA filtered, RFI/EMI shielded, static dissipating vacuums, and then wiped clean using lint-free towels and anti-static cleaners that are safe for use on sensitive equipment.


Why is network closet cleaning important?

Keeping your closets free from dust, dirt and other contaminants can prevent their entry into equipment, which could cause overheating and unnecessary downtime.

We can also clean IDF cabinets in your warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment centers

IDF Cabinet Cleaning

Proudly serving data center facilities in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, West Virginia and Michigan

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