KoldLok Surface Mount #2020

Designed to seal a variety of existing raised floor tile cutouts and allow the flexibility of removing tiles without capturing cables.

KoldLok Wave #20100

Sealing Effectiveness - New, patent-pending wave shaped thermoplastic elastomer offers the best sealing against bypass airflow, unsurpassed by any brush grommet on the market.

KoldLok Integral #1010

Airflow management device designed to seal cable openings in new raised floor systems prior to the installation of communication or power cabling.

​​​​​​​​​​Structural Component and Accessories

KoldLok® Grommet


Improper sealing of cable openings in a data center allows valuable cold air to escape and contributes to ineffective cooling of IT equipment. The KoldLok® Grommet is a superior sealing solution that increases current cooling unit capacity, mitigates equipment heat loads, and raises static pressure under the raised floor to improve cool air delivery through perforated tiles or floor grates.Benefits:Superior Sealing: Multiple layers of different length, opposing brush filaments eliminate up to 98% of bypass airflowInstall it and forget it: Will not become dislodged and requires no additional maintenanceEasy Installation: Tool-less installation, requires no downtime to install or re-cable.

Data Center Solutions Products

KoldLok Surface Mount Large #2030 & X-Large #2040

Large & X-Large Surface mount allow for larger sealing capacities and are desided to seal a varaiety of existing raised floor tile cutouts.

KoldLok Extended 3" #10012 and 6" #10013

Designed to seal a variety of existing larger openings, with the added flexibility of modification for unique openings.  24" long X 3" or 6" deep.

KoldLok Split Integral #3030

The Split Integral Grommets allow tiles to be moved without capturing cables

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