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Rittal simplicITy Solutions


Server or network enclosures that are easy to order, competitively priced and ready to ship.  The Rittal simplicITy portfolio offers the same great quality of their customized solutions, now available in 20 standard configurations. 

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Enclosures ready to ship with accessories installed


  • Integrated enclosure and components designed for the most demanding data center applications

  • Perforated single front and split rear doors

  • Unique 3-part roof for unlimited cable and component installation options

  • Cable management wall for flexible and organized cables

  • Multiple PDU mounting capabilities

  • Low Profile security handle with push button locking inserts

  • Casters for easy and precise movement during installation

  • Leveling feet for a secure installation

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EziBlank® Blanking Panels


EziBlank® is an Australian based data center air flow management product brand, who has distributed millions of highly acclaimed 6-RU blanking panels worldwide. With EziBlank’s cohesive aesthetic design philosophy and a patented mounting clip for square hole mounting rail, EziBlank blanking panel is the most elegant server cabinet air containment solution both aesthetically and functionally. EziBlank®  believes firmly in sustainability and efficiency in data centers.  The products are created by the principle of lightweight, intuitive and just-fit design as opposed to over-engineered & cumbersome. Using EziBlank® products is effortless, and because all of their products are built to be durable and reusable, customers get more value from every dollar they invest on our environmentally friendly products.  Click here to learn more about EziBlank's products.

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EziBlank 6RU Single Blanking Panel

Subzero Engineering Designs


Subzero Engineering designs, manufactures and installs custom, intelligent containment systems and products for the world's leading data centers.  Their cutting edge manufacturing facility enables us to create containment systems and products that have a superior fit and finish as well as incredible durability. Combined, they design, manufacture and create intelligent containment environments.  Subzero Engineering’s doors can effectively cap both hot and cold aisle ends. Subzero door systems are an integral part of their containment solution. As such, they are designed to easily attach to other containment products such as walls and roof systems.  Automatic door closers, digital locks, and the choice of black or clear (standard) anodized color are options you can choose from.

Airflow Management

Research continually shows that within a data center facility, the mixing of hot and cold air should be separated through hot or cold aisle containment to make the operation of the data center more energy efficient. Containment also allows equipment to operate at ASHRAE TC 9.9 guidelines which improves the critical equipment functionality, increases energy efficiency, and uptime.

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SubZero Elite Double Hinge Door

Polyester Polyurethane Foam 


At Data Center Solutions, Inc., we are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients’ facilities run as efficiently as possible, without breaking the bank.  So we introduced a new, inexpensive product that will save data center dollars in the long run.  This foam is the most inexpensive way to close the smaller gaps in your raised floor environment. Pre-cut for easy insulation in any size hole, it meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety UL94 Classification HF-1 @ 0.06-inch thickness.  Please click here for all of the technical specifications and fire ratings

HotLok 1U Blanking Panel

HotLok 1U Blanking Panel 

HotLok 1U Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip

HotLok® Blanking Panels


HotLok® Blanking Panels provide the lowest total cost of ownership and highest energy dollar savings of any blanking panel on the market. HotLok® immediately increases the efficiency of your cooling system and delivers quick payback and long term energy cost savings.

Sealing Effectiveness: Superior sealing can result in a 29% decrease in operating expensesVersatility: Fits all standard 19” cabinet openingsAvailability of Sizes: Convenient 1U & 2U sizes to maximize efficiencyEase of Installation: Ergonomic design and tool-less, snap-in installationEase of Storage: Stacks easily and does not require storage containersSustainability: Manufactured in the USA with 100% recyclable materials.

KoldLok® Grommet


Improper sealing of cable openings in a data center allows valuable cold air to escape and contributes to ineffective cooling of IT equipment. The KoldLok® Grommet is a superior sealing solution that increases current cooling unit capacity, mitigates equipment heat loads, and raises static pressure under the raised floor to improve cool air delivery through perforated tiles or floor grates.Benefits:Superior Sealing: Multiple layers of different length, opposing brush filaments eliminate up to 98% of bypass airflowInstall it and forget it: Will not become dislodged and requires no additional maintenanceEasy Installation: Tool-less installation, requires no downtime to install or re-cable.

KolLok Surface Mount 2020

KoldLok Surface Mount #2020

Designed to seal a variety of existing raised floor tile cutouts and allow the flexibility of removing tiles without capturing cables.

KoldLok Wave 20100

KoldLok Wave #20100

Sealing Effectiveness - New, patent-pending wave shaped thermoplastic elastomer offers the best sealing against bypass airflow, unsurpassed by any brush grommet on the market.

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