Floor Repair and Structural Maintenance

Not only do we thoroughly clean the subfloor, but we identify any problem areas underneath the floor such as water leaks, air leaks, or missing floor components.  In most cases we fix the problem with parts from your supply.  If parts are not available we document our findings and notify a member of your staff immediately.

DCS, Inc. is also partnered with numerous manufacturers to provide you the best in floor construction.  Whether you are building a new room that needs a raised floor to create a plenum chamber, or you have rocking panels and gaps that need to be rectified, we have an experienced team of professionals to meet your needs.

Structural Maintenance​​​


Structural Maintenance includes inspecting accessible floor system components.  This often includes re-gluing any loose pedestals bases, replacing missing or damaged stringers, replacing missing or broken gaskets, adjusting panels that are not seated correctly, and ensuring the level of the floor system.​​​​

Rack and Server Cabinets
Rittal - "The System"


Rittal products provide modular, system architecture solutions that can be tailored to your precise needs and requirements – completely individual, tailored to your company and industry, directly from Rittal's standard product range. The Rittal portfolio includes a wide range of enclosure types, from small cases and compact enclosures, through to entire enclosure systems.


All electrical equipment generates heat – but Rittal's climate control solutions ensure that heat loss from the components is efficiently removed. Our product portfolio ranges from the perfect fan-and-tiler unit for industrial enclosures, through to sophisticated cooling concepts for IT infrastructures.


Whether you opt for a micro-data centre as a stand-alone solution for SMEs, or a complete data centre, Rittal can supply concepts and products in any size to suit your IT infrastructure.

Static Solutions-ESD Products for your facility

Replacement Raised Access Floor Panels​


Data Center Solutions, Inc. has a proven reputation for providing the highest level of customer service and developing trusted relationships with our clients. When faced with a challenge, data center managers trust Data Center Solutions to help them find a solution. A common challenge among our clients is with respect to locating replacement raised floor panels to match an existing floor system.

Data Center Solutions, Inc. will successfully identify, locate, and deliver new & pre-owned replacement panels and under-structure components such as pedestals, stringers, edge trim, gaskets and other raised floor system parts and components to match your existing raised access floor system.  For more information about obtaining new panels for your existing floor, please click here.


Hot-Cold Aisle Containment​


Data Center Solutions, Inc. has partnered with several companies to effectively enhance your data center so that cool air can reach the equipment air intakes, at the set temperature point, for the room. We can also implement structures that control below-floor air flow with a range of products  that can be fitted to the plenum, to ensure efficient cold air pathways to the raised floor vented tiles.​  We can implement physical separation of the hot and cold aisles, using blanking panels, curtains and hard panel boards. We will partner with you to specifically design a plan for  your data center. 

Polyurethane Foam 


At Data Center Solutions, Inc., we are constantly looking for new ways to help our clients’ facilities run as efficiently as possible, without breaking the bank.  So we introduced a new, inexpensive product that will save data center dollars in the long run.  This foam is the most inexpensive way to close the smaller gaps in your raised floor environment. Pre-cut for easy insulation in any size hole, it meets the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories Standard for Safety UL94 Classification HF-1 @ 0.06-inch thickness.  Please click here for all of the technical specifications and fire ratings


Air Particulate Measuring

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