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HotLok® Blanking Panels


HotLok® Blanking Panels provide the lowest total cost of ownership and highest energy dollar savings of any blanking panel on the market. HotLok® immediately increases the efficiency of your cooling system and delivers quick payback and long term energy cost savings.

Sealing Effectiveness: Superior sealing can result in a 29% decrease in operating expensesVersatility: Fits all standard 19” cabinet openingsAvailability of Sizes: Convenient 1U & 2U sizes to maximize efficiencyEase of Installation: Ergonomic design and tool-less, snap-in installationEase of Storage: Stacks easily and does not require storage containersSustainability: Manufactured in the USA with 100% recyclable materials


HotLok 1U Blanking Panel 

HotLok 1U Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip

HotLok 2U Blanking Pane

HotLok 2U Blanking Panel with Temperature Strip

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