"Loose tiles and uneven pedestals can be dangerous to you and your equipment."

Floor Repair

DCS, Inc. is partnered with numerous manufacturers to provide you the best in floor construction.  Whether you are building a new room that needs a raised floor to create a plenum chamber, or you have rocking panels and gaps that need to be rectified, we have an experienced team of professionals to meet your needs.

Need replacement panels?  

Allow us to find the best panels for your flooring system.  Click here to find out more.


Structural Maintenance​​​


Structural Maintenance includes inspecting accessible floor system components.  This often includes re-gluing any loose pedestals bases, replacing missing or damaged stringers, replacing missing or broken gaskets, adjusting panels that are not seated correctly, and ensuring the level of the floor system.​​​​

Missing Pedestal

Why is structural maintenance important?

Missing critical components, such as stringers and pedestal assemblies, compromise the structural integrity of the floor and could cause harm to personnel and data center equipment.

Pedestal Installed

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