EziBlank Blanking Panels

EziBlank® Blanking Panels


EziBlank® is an Australian based data center air flow management product brand, who has distributed millions of highly acclaimed 6-RU blanking panels worldwide. With EziBlank’s cohesive aesthetic design philosophy and a patented mounting clip for square hole mounting rail, EziBlank blanking panel is the most elegant server cabinet air containment solution both aesthetically and functionally. EziBlank®  believes firmly in sustainability and efficiency in data centers.  The products are created by the principle of lightweight, intuitive and just-fit design as opposed to over-engineered & cumbersome. Using EziBlank® products is effortless, and because all of their products are built to be durable and reusable, customers get more value from every dollar they invest on our environmentally friendly products.


EziBlank® 6RU

EZIBLANK® 6-RU Blanking Panel is a well received innovative  product that is made of the highest quality of flame retardant (UL94 V0) ABS plastic. Moulded with precisely engineered clips, EZIBLANK® Blanking Panel can be installed easily onto square mounting holes of any EIA-310-D compliant 19” server rack to prevent recirculation of hot exhaust air within server racks.

The snappable feature of the EZIBLANK® 6-RU Blanking Panels makes it the perfect server rack accessory for data center operators where separated panels can be installed and reused onto different RU heights of unused space.

19″ 6RU Modular Blanking Panel

Pricing for 19" panels

Item                             Price Per Box

Box of 10 panels            $106.65 

25 - 49 boxes                 $103.95

50-119 boxes                 $101.25

120 boxes and up            $98.55

Colors are available in both black and white

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EziBlank Easy to Install

EziBlank® Brush Panel 

EziBlank® 19” 1RU Brush Panel is designed for retrofitting onto existing server equipment cabinet to seal off existing cable entries. The high quality industrial bristles provide optimal sealing to prevent hot exhaust air from contaminating the cold intake air which could cause undesirable wastage and even performance issue.

With the open-ended design, EziBlank® Brush Panel can be installed directly onto existing cable entries, the 0.2mm fine bristles are effective in sealing around individual or bundle of cables entering or leaving the cabinets.

Pricing for Brush Panels

Item                             Price Per Pack

19" 1 pack (5 brushes)            $83.70

Available in black only

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Eziblank Wall

EziBlank® Wall Replacement Racks

A cost effective way to maintain important air flow
dynamics within a Data Center.  These EZIWALL replacement racks are assembled in minutes,
creating a stable rack sized air flow barrier, that can be positioned anywhere and re-used again and again.
Assembled from flat sheet, EZIBLANK®WALL panels build quickly into a strong, stable triangular structure.
Each individual wall consists of 1 sheet of 2310 mm x 2170 mm. Easily construct a full height rack in seconds.

Pricing for EziBlank Wall Replacement Racks


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