Most IT professionals agree the data center is the heart of their company; a living organism!  The information that flows in and out of this vital organ is essential for any corporation to function, let alone succeed.  And much like the human body, it is essential to give the data center a “check-up”, for early detection of serious issues, establish preventive measures, and lower overall “health costs” of the facility.  

Does your Data Center have the F.L.U.?

(Filthy Littered Underfloor)

A Filthy Littered Underfloor (FLU) is the largest contributor of contaminants in any Data Center with a raised floor system.  Dust, dirt, and debris collects in the underfloor plenum and eventually spreads like a virus to every corner of what appears to be a clean, “healthy” room.  Here are a few examples of the “health risks” of how the FLU is affecting your Data Center:

So when was the last time you looked at your underfloor plenum?  Unfortunately, a Data Center can’t tell you when it is sick, (let alone cough!)  So it’s up to you to give it a thorough examination so you can remedy the FLU!

As it is with your own health, you would likely see a doctor.  Perhaps it’s time your Data Center made an appointment with an experienced team of underfloor technicians who can help establish health risks, catch health issues early, which will ultimately lower overall health costs.

At Data Center Solutions, Inc., we specialize in providing safe, experienced, professional data center cleaning.  Our customers reduce the chance of IT equipment failure through regularly scheduled decontaminations.  DCS, Inc. provides personal, conscientious service performed by highly trained professionals that exceed expectations through every step of our process.

Proudly serving data center facilities in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, West Virginia and Michigan

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