Command Center Cleaning

The command center is the heart of your facility.  Whether it is loss prevention monitoring, dispatching emergency personnel, or operating a large computer network, these areas are crucial to communicate and disseminate information to those who need it.  Because of the sensitive nature, these rooms typically are highly secured, and for good reason! However, with the high-security comes unique issues within the command center.  Console computer equipment gathers dust within their confined areas.  This not only causes hardware to malfunction, but also creates a work environment full of allergens, insects and microbes that are unhealthy for your staff.  When cleaning such sensitive equipment, your best option is to utilize people that have experience and familiarity in high-tech environments.


Data Center Solutions, Inc. has the trained staff and a decade of experience in cleaning in and around sensitive technology.  We have the capability to eradicate contaminates that build up on desktop computers that are typically under the desk or inside a cabinet with limited airflow.

Proudly serving data center facilities in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, West Virginia and Michigan

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