Airflow Panels


Data Center Solutions, Inc. has partnered with Triad Raised Access Floor Company to provide high-density airflow solutions to address data center and computer room hot spots for most imperial or metric raised floor systems.  Triad offers the only tiles on the market that offer "dispersed air flow" to the front of your servers.  This dispersion pattern offers superior cooling, improved thermal integrity and 7 feet of stratification.  Give your cooling system an upgrade by improving the efficiency of your airflow. 


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Airflow Utilization Efficiency (AUE) is measured by comparing the supply air temperature to the temperatures at the top of the rack. For example, if supply air temperature is 65 degrees and temperature at the top of the rack is 80 degrees, AUE = 15. By managing to an AUE of 10 or lower, data center managers can reduce cooling costs by up to 40%


Slotted ICE Airflow Panel

Chamfer ICE Airflow Panel

Clearview Panel



Heavy Duty Solid Panel

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